Mobility Planning and Implementation. Apps. Software.

We are a team of Entrepreneurs, Polymaths, Military officers in Special Forces, Engineers and Pilots, all with a passion for Autonomous Transportation.

We are a meritocracy. We work in teams of 3 – 6 people given a task that lasts only a month or two. We are very focused, hands on, and eager to pursue bleeding edge technology. Anyone who wants to have some fun in a culture like that, come on board!

Our daily life is getting too complicated. Cities struggle to keep up with growth. Traffic congestion is becoming unbearable. Public Transport is too rigid and unpleasant. Commuting is so bad that the beginning and end of a working day is a horrible experience.
Cars have become generic things and, for many, too expensive to own. Accidents and the cost of insurance continue to rise.
Our current world of “mobility” isn’t working for almost anyone.

Autonomous Vehicles give us freedom. Have a drink or two at dinner. Older people are no longer tied to their house. The commute can become productive time!
The AV world – properly done – will support those who only want or need mobility when needed as well as those whose car is a part of their world.
Either way, AVs represent freedom and safety for all of us. That is our goal: safety and freedom 24/7 for all of us.

                                                                     Ned Goodhue – CEO

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