Transportation in the cities of tomorrow will be a nightmare

We need to begin de-cluttering our cities now

As cities grow in population and density the challenge of transportation will get more and more difficult.

This Is Unsustainable

The largest challenge: how to get suburban people to where they work and back. Parking Garages are full by 8:00 AM and empty by 7 PM.

  • The valuable space is useless 13 hours a day during the week and all day on holidays and weekends
  • The streets slow to a crawl…or freeze up entirely…twice a day. This is a huge waste of people’s valuable time.
  • Busses are inefficient; light rail is expensive

De-cluttering the streets of cities will be critical for the cities of tomorrow.

Autonomous vehicles will be an urban planner’s best friend.


Level 1

Large garages are built on low-value land outside the city. Next to a land fill or power plant.

When an AV drops off the passenger, it drives out of the city and parks in the garages out of the city. The electric cars can recharge their batteries. When the people are ready to go home, they call their car who picks them up and takes them home.

Improvement: use the space of urban garages for other more valuable purposes.


Level 2

As each AV nears the city, they are organized into caravans heading to different parts of the city, much like when airplanes form a steady stream of aircraft taking off and landing. Highly efficient.

AVs will be able to take orders from the urban control system. The number of cars that will be able to enter and leave the city will double. Double the passengers without need of any more roads.


Level 3

Only AVs will be allowed into the city. Non-AVs will have to park in the garages build around the edge of the city and take an av or bus or subway into the city.

This will double again the number of vehicles that can enter the city.

  • Urban space has now been fully de-cluttered.
  • Building space has been optimized
  • 400% of the people going in and out of the city more quickly with NO added roads needed.